Friday, August 14, 2009

1st day of school

I know it's been forever since I've posted anything, but what can I say?? Ellie's first day of Kindergarten seems like a worthy mention :)
Ellie has been so excited to start Kindergarten -- like ever since preschool ended in May. I guess I can't blame her -- she must be bored hanging out with me and Nathan and Lucie all the time. She is a thinker, though... lots of things goin' on in that little head of hers! What will her teacher be like? Will it be very hard? (She had a real issue thinking that school was going to be ALL work and NO fun...) What would she eat for lunch? Who would she eat with? Even with all of her thinking / worrying, she couldn't wait to get out the door on the first day.
Frank went to work late that morning so that he could be around for "the moment" where his little girl entered the big bad school and did her very own thing for the very first time. She appreciated it very much -- after all, it must be a big deal if DADDY is around for it, when he would normally be at work... We all made the walk (it's like 2 blocks from our house) -- us and the rest of the neighborhood -- seriously - felt like we were part of a parade... Got to school and managed to spot Ellie's teacher in the midst of the "first day drop-off chaos" -- she (although she looked a little unsure at the last moment) could almost not be bothered with "good-byes" -- it's like she didn't want to miss anything that was going to happen -- not even to say good-bye. She did great. Mom and dad did OK, too :) We knew she was going to have a great day and a great year - so exciting for her!!
She came home with LOTS of stories -- an almost verbatim account of the whole day, it seemed. She's like that - very shy, kind of quiet, but totally studying everything and committing it to memory. We heard all about the school song (seriously, an elementary school song!), the "beautiful" teacher, the kids at her table, the lunchroom routine, the music room, the gym,. . . she was pooped - cashed out after school for about an hour. But day 2, she was up early and ready to go back for more! She was sad to see Friday come this morning -- "Man, two days this weekend with NO Kindergarten?? What am I going to do??" Ahh, the mindset of a five year old -- where Monday is exciting and Fridays are a big disappointment... can't even recall what that's like!

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